Website Help

In an effort to make navigation to the City's website more friendly, we have added some helpful tips to aid in your experience.


Quick Links Help

Quick Links are located at the top of the website page on the left hand side.  

A drop down of popular pages, external links and quick links on our website.


View - Zoom Level

This website runs at a higher resolution.  If your monitor resolution is lower you may not see the navigation menu.

You will have to go to the View in your browser and Zoom Out once or twice to see the full menu.

You can also do this by using CTRL - and CTRL + to Zoom Out and In.

All the categories for the website should go across the top of the screen beside the Quick Links

These include : Visitors, Residents, Business, News, City  Hall, Events, and I Want To...

For these categories to open sub-menus at the top click the plus + sign



Search Bar

After arriving on our website you will see a Magnifying Glass on the top right side.  When you click it, it says Search Port Colborne.  

You can enter search terms in this bar and have relevant pages appear in a list below.

Although the Search works great it does not find 100 % of the items on our website. Perhaps change your term.  

We are constantly adding new content and are always enhancing our Search utility.


Popular Pages

Popular Pages are located with External Links under the Quick Links icon.

These items link to pages that are well travelled by the public.  

There may also be pages here that are current issues or projects on the go that the public is interested in.


I Want To...

The I Want To... page contains frequently asked questions that come in to City Hall either in person, through switchboard, or via our website.

In an effort to make it easier for the public to find these pages we have created one-click links to aid in getting where you would like to go quicker.

There are over 40 popular pages that we have identified. We hope this helps with your experience on our website.