Dog Licensing


(a)  No person or persons occupying premises within the City of Port Colborne shall own or possess or house more than three (3) dogs, excluding unweaned puppies, at such premises within the City of Port Colborne unless a kennel license is obtained.

(b)  A temporary exemption to own or possess or house more than three (3) dogs may be provided, upon Council approval, for compassionate reasons, working dogs or farming/herding dogs and must be applied for in writing to the Clerk.

Your dog licence is only valid for the calendar year in which it was purchased.

All dog licenses purchased prior to March 15th of the current calendar year:

Neutered/Spayed Dogs (must show proof)-$15.00
Un-Neutered/Un-Spayed Dogs-$25.00

All dog licenses purchased after March 15th of the current calendar year:

Neutered/Spayed Dog (must show proof)-$25.00
Un-Neutered/Un-spayed Dog-$35.00



In Port Colborne, the By-law requires all dogs to be licensed and requires each dog to wear a tag.

DocuPet offers a unique tag and gives you the option to choose from two tag sizes to ensure the proper fit for your pet. Each tag connects to your online account through a unique ID code. You're in control of what information can be seen when the tag ID is searched. Manage all your details through your online account!

Check it out and get licensed at

Receive rewards for licensing! When you license your dog(s) you will receive an annual rewards card. A variety of local businesses have offered deals to DocuPet rewards card-holders! You can view these deals online at

Redeem your rewards by using your card as you check out at participating locations.

Create an online profile - The online profile allows you to store secondary contact information, additional dog information and photos of your dog. You can also choose what information is visible to the public through your privacy settings, sign up for automatic renewals and browse lost pets.

A lost dog wearing identification has a far greater chance of making it home safely and quickly. Once licensed, you will have access to DocuPet's lost pet services. This allows you to report your dog lost on your online account, sending a notification to your local shelter and pet owners on the "Lost Pet Brigade".

Anyone who finds your dog can use the ID code on his/her tag to look up information you've deemed to be accessible to the public.

For information regarding Dog Licensing By-Law Awareness Program, click the links below.

Dog Licensing By-Law Awareness Program

DocuPet and City of Port Colborne


Local Licensing Options

Online services:  A computer is available on the 2nd floor of City Hall to access the docupet web site to purchase your dog tag.  Purchase via a credit card online and your tag will be mailed to you.

Not comfortable using online services?

You can mail your renewal form and payment to the Welland and District SPCA at 60 Provincial Street, Welland, ON L3B 5W7.  Cheque payable to "Welland and District SPCA"

You can still license your pet in person by purchasing at the following location:

The Port Colborne Animal Shelter, 1080 Elm Street

Fines will be issued for failure to produce a dog tag for the current year. By-Law 4930/155/06 of the City of Port Colborne provides that no person shall keep a dog which is 12 weeks or more in age in the City of Port Colborne without registering and obtaining a licence from the City for every such dog.

General enquiries should be addressed to the following:

Contact Information:
Reception, City Hall
66 Charlotte Street
Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada L3K 3C8
Tel.:     905-835-2900