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Staff Liaison

For more information or further assistance please contact the staff liaison for Heritage Port Colborne:

David Schulz
905-835-2901 ext 202
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Heritage Port Colborne

What is Heritage Port Colborne?

Heritage Port Colborne is a committee of City Council that is responsible for advising the public and Council on matters dealing with the protection of historically and architecturally significant buildings and properties in the City of Port Colborne. Committee members consist of local residents who are primarily concerned with the protection of and education about the City's architectural heritage, thereby allowing the public at large to appreciate and learn about it.

What does Heritage Port Colborne Do?

The functions of Heritage Port Colborne include but are not limited to:

  • Researching the history and architecture of a particular building or property to determine whether it is worthy of designation by being historically, culturally or architecturally significant;
  • Advising council on the circumstances of a particular building(s), property(s) or area(s);
  • Acting as a liaison between Council and the owner of a building or property (this may include consulting on matters regarding the designation process);
  • Advising Council on all other heritage matters within the municipality; and
  • Acting as a liaison between the citizens of Port Colborne and citizens that wish to suggest new heritage sites within the municipality.

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference for Heritage Port Colborne can be accessed here: Committee Terms of Reference

The By-law creating Herigate Port Colborne can be accessed here: By-law 3689/115/98


Committee Members

Council Appointees
Eric Beauregard

Public Appointees
Deb Wright