Development Application Fees

Development fees are required to cover the review of development applications and the review and inspection of private sewage systems.

The Region of Niagara and Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority may also require certain application forms and fees to be submitted as part of your application to the City.

These fees are to be submitted to the municipality with the planning application as part of the City's Complete Application Policies.  Failure to submit any of the required fees may result in a delay processing the application. 

2020 to 2022 Municipal Planning and Development Fees (PDF)

2019 Municipal Planning and Development Fees (PDF)

2017 Municipal Planning and Development Fees (PDF)

2017 Regional Development Applications, Forms and Fees (Website)

2017 Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority Fees (Website)


If you have any questions regarding the fee schedules, please contact Planning Staff at:

Amy Dayboll, Planning & Development Assistant
Ph. 905-835-2901 ext 204
Fax: (905) 835-2939