Development Charges

*NOTE: The information contained herein is intended only as a guide to the City of Port Colborne’s policy and by-law with respect to development charges. Interested parties should review the applicable charge by-law or consult with the Port Colborne Planning and Development Department to determine the charges that may apply for specific land development proposals.


What are Development Charges?

Development Charges are fees collected from developers at the time a building permit is issued.

The fees help to pay for the cost of infrastructure required to provide municipal services to new development such as roads, water and wastewater, fire protection, indoor and outdoor recreation services, library and administrative services. 

Most municipalities in Ontario use development charges to ensure that the cost of providing infrastructure to service new development is not borne by existing residents and businesses in the form of higher property taxes.


City of Port Colborne Development Charges By-law

Council of the City of Port Colborne adopted By-law 6733/97/19 on November 12, 2019 in accordance with the Development Charges Act, 1997 and related Regulations.  The by-law was approved following the completion of the City of Port Colborne Development Charges Background Study dated July 24, 2019 and following five full years of zero development charges across the City.

A copy of the background study can be found by clicking the following link:

City of Port Colborne Development Charge Background Study, 2019

A copy of By-law 6733/97/19 can be found by clicking the following link:

City of Port Colborne Development Charge By-law 6733/97/19



There are a number of exemptions offered within the Development Charges By-law. A few examples of developments that are not subject to development charges include:

·         An enlargement to an existing dwelling unit;

·         One or two additional dwelling units in an existing single-detached dwelling;

·         One additional dwelling unit in any other existing residential building;

·         Infill Housing as defined;

·         Non-residential farm buildings;

·         Development within the downtown core area.

Additional exemptions and details can be found in the Development Charges By-law.  A link has been provided above.


Timing of Calculation and Payment

The development charges imposed under this by-law shall be calculated and collected on the date the building permit, as defined in the by-law, is issued in relation to a building or structure on the land to which the development charge applies. 

Where a development charge applies to land in relation to which a building permit is required, no building permit shall be issued until the development charge has been paid in full.

The development charges collected by the City are outlined below and are effective from November 13, 2019 to November 13, 2024:







 *Urban Service Area defined by Schedule A to the City's Official Plan

Development charges imposed pursuant to this by-law shall be adjusted annually, without amendment to this by-law on the anniversary date of the by-law, in accordance with the prescribed index in the Act.


Region of Niagara Development Charges

The City of Port Colborne also collects development charges on behalf of the Region of Niagara. These charges are outlined on the Region of Niagara’s website following this link:


Niagara Catholic District School Board Development Charges

The City of Port Colborne also collects development charges on behalf of the Niagara Catholic District School Board. These charges are outlined by following this link:



For more information regarding development charges, please contact:

Todd Rogers, MAATO, CBCO
Chief Building Official
City of Port Colborne
Ph. 905-835-2901 ext 201
Email the Chief Building Official