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Port Colborne Active Camps - P.D. Day & March Break Camps


What are Active Camps?

Active Camps are new summer day camps that have a specialized focus on teaching every participant fundamental movement skills and increasing their physical literacy, regardless of previous experience in sports or physical activities. With so much more engagement in screen time, and losing time for physical activity at school, our children and youth need more opportunities to learn how to have fun being active, and developing confidence in choosing to engage in physical activities. Kids who learn how to have fun being physically active during their early years will likely choose to remain active for their life time! Our camps do not have a specific sport of focus each week, but use all kinds of various sports and active games from around the world to teach valuable skills in an inclusive, fun environment.


Who Are Active Camps For?

Anyone!! In our first year, we are serving participants aged 6-13 (some exceptions can be accommodated). Our staff are trained to be able to provide opportunities for every participant to develop their skills and feel engaged regardless of previous experience or ability. We encourage anyone, and everyone to come out and PORTicipate in Active Camps!


What, When, Where & How?

Although all nine weeks (July 3 – August 31) of Active Camps have the same general focus of increasing physical literacy, each different week will have unique themes that vary from focusing on Canadian sports, various game and sport categories with their respective skills, as well as fun inter-camp activities that the participants get to choose. Through all nine weeks this summer Active Camps are being offered at various locations throughout Port Colborne -  the Vale Health and Wellness Centre, H.H. Knoll Lakeview Park, and the Port Colborne Tennis Club. To register, or get more information on Active Camps, please contact the Recreation Program Coordinator at 905-835-2901 x538, or visit OnlinePORT. Flexible payment plans, as well as multi person/multi registration discounts available as well.